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Landlords information of property management and letting agents

Do you want your property to become a source of income to a management company with complicated charges, lack of care with little regard for you, your property or the continuity of your rent?

If you want a letting agent that charges you and your tenant at every given opportunity yet takes little control of the property or any problems, then use another letting agent.

It’s mind-boggling, you either take steps to secure your investment, your property and your rent, or you leave it to chance with an agent, who says what you want to hear, but may not be truly capable of helping your future.

You buy your property as a long-term investment, not a long-term form of stress.

As a landlord you desire continuity of rent, trustworthy tenants and a Swindon based property management company that understands you and your needs. We tick all those boxes.

Full service?

Most property managers within Swindon don't know the meaning of it. We manage, all the time, no extra costs, no excuses, you want, you get.

All we charge is a flat rate commission.

You won't receive letters and invoices charging you for any "extras" we "forgot" to mention. You'll receive a trustworthy and transparent service, centred around honesty and integrity.

You’ll be pleased to know we won’t be sending you a letter requesting more money from you because we decided we want to review your tenants rent.

A flourishing business with over 30 years experience and all from "word of mouth"

We haven’t been working as a letting agent for over 30 years and grown to manage a significant number of properties, from “word-of-mouth” business, because we don’t know what we’re talking about!

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

The size of our company, and the fact we have had some landlords for over 20 years along with tenants for over 20 years speaks volumes. We’re not wet behind the ears, you need someone who has been there and done it. We have. Time and again.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll have by working with Home From Home:

  • We can assist with your insurance needs and we’re not in the back pocket of any insurance companies!
  • You’ll receive copies of any work undertaken and a breakdown of everything, each month.
  • Using our large computer archive we can give you access to any figures, regarding your property, from any point in the past
  • Your tenancy agreements and legal fees are also included. Free!
  • We can provide unequalled local knowledge on becoming a landlord, on things to look out for. (We also invest in property, so we know a thing or two about property investment and what, as a private landlord, you should be looking for!)
  • Advice on what rental income you can expect
  • We deal with all landlord tenancy agreements, leaving you with nothing to worry about
  • We deal with any credit checks required, along with any references and then we absorb all the cost ourselves
  • Problem tenant, lack of rent? If you decide you want us to manage your property, we can sort out your issues for you
  • Concerned by Gas Safety Certificates? Don’t be, we can provide this service for you using one of our Gas Safe registered engineer. We also don't mark up the prices to get a share

There are trusted letting agents in Swindon with a long list of charges, confusing for even the most astute investor

They’ll also charge the tenant for many things that we won’t.

Do you think tenants like to stay in a property if they are being charged for all and sundry? Will they show your property extra respect? Do you think they’ll pay a fine for losing their keys with a smile on their face?

We can adapt to the market, we listen to it and then pass on all our knowledge to you through our service.

We have lowered rents and on occasions even accepted offers on rent! Why? Well simple really, an empty house costs you more than a house with a paying tenant.

In other words, any rent is better than no rent

A tenant paying £10 less per month for one year, would result in a £120 loss, however. If your property were to remain vacant for 2 months, that will be 2 months rent lost, or a loss far in excess of £120! Which loss would you prefer?

We also know that a good tenant is paramount to a good letting. So although property management requires speed in filling an empty property, under no circumstances will someone be placed in a property, for the sake of ensuring a property is not vacant.

We'll check their credit history, where necessary, and also an employer reference, character reference, a reference from a previous letting agent and a bank reference should we feel it essential.

Currently, in a bid to try and push the boundaries, we are able to offer tenants the facility to pay their deposit over 3 months in instalments at no extra charge.

Because of this we have a number of long-term tenants and landlords! It’s all about continuity and trust in this business and those factors certainly aid the longevity of your "return-on-investment" column!

A transparent professional Swindon based rental service with no hidden extras.

You will receive a straight forward, simple letting and management service, no frills, and certainly not anything dressed up and filled with jargon.

Speaking to us you’ll be aware that we’re a straight talking no-nonsense company. We don't "beat around the bush" and say anything just to get your business. We feel that by operating with candour you know exactly where you stand from the outset.

A wise man once said. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Well, that’s certainly true, you don’t need complications and neither do we. With our service, we take all of the stress. With the simplicity that we operate, you will quickly realise that Home From Home is so much more than just a run of the mill Property Management Company.

After all, who else do you see providing a service that evolves like ours?

Call us now, we will be happy discuss the Swindon property market, and the areas and types of properties, which will help maximise your investment and achieve the best rents for longer periods.


We won't tell you what you want to hear to get your business. We will tell you what you need to hear to help your business. Contact us now for honest straight talking advice you can trust.

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