Renting Houses or Flats in Swindon

Tenants information on Letting Agents

If you are looking to rent a property at a fair price and with no hidden costs or silly fine system, then look no further...

Home From Home will do its utmost to put you in a property suitable for both your needs and budget. It will represent value for money with fair rent and no upfront costs. In all likelihood, you will not find a better deal within Swindon.

With Home From Home we have a clear and straightforward price structure, we have no hidden costs and everything you will need to pay is detailed below.

We also allow you to pay your deposit in 3 instalments over 3 months, at no extra charge, this will help prevent you experiencing the financial stress normally associated with renting a property.

We will require references from you prior to occupation of a property. Which will include your employer, any former letting agent and a character reference.

In some cases we will also undertake a credit check to make sure that the property is within your means. In certain circumstances we will let to people with CCJs and ex-bankrupts, but please call regarding this.

With Home From Home your outgoing payments will be:

Your Rent

Rents are proportioned from the time of letting to the end of the month and subsequent rents will be due on the 1st of each month in advance. Rent is exclusive of bills and you will need to budget for bills on top of your rent.

Your Deposit

Deposit is to the value of 5 weeks rent, as per current legislation. You can pay this in three instalments, over three months, at no extra charge. Please be aware that we will not and cannot use your deposit to cover rent. In case you are worried about the safety of your deposit, like all letting agents, we now have to protect your deposit, which is covered by the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation and means the money is insured and safe.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges throughout the tenancy, not even for renewal of agreements.

We know you will find our service far more cost effective than other agents, and would suggest you contact other letting agents and ask what their legal and administration fees will be, before proceeding.

As a property management company we could ultimately save you hundreds of pounds. Some charge you just to inspect the house before you take occupation! Others will fine you 50 if you happen to lose your keys! So we really must impress upon you the importance of finding out everything you will have to pay before renting with another agent.

As you'll come to realise, the manner in which we operate generates trust and loyalty between our tenants and ourselves.

Should you be on DSS, in certain cases, we can accept this. The current difficulty that you will find with DSS is that they often have a backlog on payments. So providing you can personally cover the cost of the rent, as and when they are due, we may be able to let to you. This, of course, would also be dependent upon exactly how the landlord feels regarding this issue.

If you smoke or you own pets, we would also recommend you contact us. The reason for this is that we know everyone's circumstances are different and normally some kind of compromise is attainable.

Look at a selection of the properties now, see what is available to you and then contact us straight away to arrange a viewing or to ask us any questions you might have.