Renting Houses or Flats in Swindon

The Swindon property management and letting agent

Home From Home Property Management is a Swindon based letting agent established in 1987. It began as a very small letting agent with just one house ran solely by the proprietor, Cherry Jones. Home From Home now employs 5 office staff, which assists in the day-to-day running of the company and numerous workmen and women who ensure all properties are kept to high standard.

We take great pride in our ability and knowledge throughout the Swindon letting business, and feel our service is unsurpassed. This, coupled with our skill at vetting potential tenants and the quality in our landlord's properties, puts us in the enviable position of being one of the leading letting agents within the Swindon area.


Home From Home has diverse property knowledge and we will assist anyone on any aspect of letting, without issue, should it be required.

Our primary areas of knowledge are Property Lettings, suggested areas on where to buy (to attain the best rent), buy-to-let in general, property law, and property improvement/renovation (to ensure a property is up to standard).

We are also steadily expanding our Block Management business, which is a tough market, and by taking over the management of numerous companies, we are helping these struggling companies back onto a stable footing with a healthy bank balance to match.

Where much of our younger competition within the Swindon housing and accommodation market are still learning the ropes, we have been there and done it for over 20 years and have a sixth sense in the property market.

We also have a chameleon like adaptability to constantly change to the market's needs to ensure you will always get the fairest deal available in any conditions. When we either let a property for you, or rent a property to you, you'll benefit from the insight and ability that only comes with our depth of knowledge and our wealth our experience.

Unlike many companies, we will often adjust our prices to fit within the ever-changing property market. At times houses are hard to let. During these times we will waive all our administration fees in a bid to make sure the property has paying tenants.

On occasions we have also lowered rents and have been known to accept offers. We do this because we know that a good tenant, paying a lower rent, is better than an empty property.

This clearly shows our intent and the value for money you get with Home From Home.

Your Business Partnership

Something you will immediately notice when you speak to us, is we perceive our business differently than most. We look upon our business as a mutual pursuit of the same goals, we don't see tenants or landlords as a means to an end, we see you as partner whom we must work with, as professionals, to ensure your goals are achieved.

The Partnership Approach

Because of our partnership approach, we have an excellent rapport with both our landlords and our tenants. We currently have tenants that have been with us for over 20 years, and landlords that have used our services since we started in business in 1987, so continuity is a very important aspect of our business.

Your No-Nonsense Service

We're a no-nonsense company. We feel that by operating with candour everyone knows where they stand from the outset.

With our insight, our knowledge, our personal approach and our unique ability to adapt to the ever changing accommodation market, we know you will find no other company within the Swindon area more capable of handling your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Contact us now and we will assist you in anyway we can.